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Annual report - a marketing tool

It is annual report season again. Don't get too grumpy, though, done well an annual report can be the best marketing tool for your organisation.

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What's the story?

Television reporters are one of a kind: they have to crunch masses of footage into, usually, a one minute story that engages viewers.

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What makes a good story?

A story on television about the need for knitters to help create 60,000 poppies made us sit up and reflect on why it was such a good story.

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Data and stories

So many people tell us they don't have data that could be used to paint a story.

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Instagram and story telling

Instagram is a terrific platform to use for telling a visual story but for people who are managing more than one account, it has been hard. Until now.

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Our pet hates

Do you have pet word or slogan hates? We do, especially moving forward.

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