Women and Social Justice

Family violence and homelessness

The link between family violence and homelessness is vast - about 44% of women's homelessness is due to family violence. Yet female homelessness still remains invisible. MediaWise was contracted by Emerge Support for Women and Children to help raise their profile and the issue of the connection between family violence and homelessness. To date we have developed a communications strategy that is now being implemented. The strategy ties advocacy and fundraising more closely together. A recent campaign to prevent the Federal Government from closing down the National Partnership Agreement for Homelessness has resulted in a reprieve for a year.

Forced marriage

Forced and servile marriage in Australia among migrant women and girls is a major emerging and alarming issue for the nation. MediaWise was contracted by Good Shepherd to develop a communications strategy, media liaison, develop a range of collateral and manage a media conference to promote the issue. 

Impact: the campaign ended in legislation change as well as the issue of forced marriage placed high on the agenda of Federal and State Governments with media programs such as Lateline, Insight and 4 Corners covering the subject.

Women and Money Month

MediaWise has worked on theWomen and Money Month. The brief was to create awareness of the importance of financial independence for women and that the issues facing women of all ages and are different to that of men’s.; to encourage women to attend the practical workshops and seminars being held across the state and to prepare media collateral for the Summit. Results included a two page feature in the Herald Sun and two stories in The Weekly Times.  In all 30 newspapers. ABC regional and 774 ran interviews throughout the month.