Women and Social Justice

Family violence and homelessness

The link between family violence and homelessness is vast - about 44% of women's homelessness is due to family violence. Yet female homelessness still remains invisible. MediaWise has been contracted by McAuley Community Services for Women to help raise their profile and the issue of the connection between family violence and homelessness. To date we have developed a communications strategy that is now being implemented. The strategy ties advocacy and fundraising more closely together, while promoting the various arms of McAuley's work more effectively. A recent campaign to prevent the Federal Government from closing down the National Partnership Agreement for Homelessness has resulted in a reprieve for a year.

Forced marriage

Forced and servile marriage in Australia among migrant women and girls is a major emerging and alarming issue for the nation. MediaWise was contracted by Good Shepherd to develop a communications strategy, media liaison, develop a range of collateral and manage a media conference to promote the issue. In just six weeks, MediaWise:

  • Brought together key stakeholders to develop a far-reaching strategy to communicate the findings of Australia's first ever report into the issue
  • Edited and worked with a designer on the production of Hidden Exploitation
  • Produced fact sheets aimed at the community and media about the issue
  • Organised a media conference with Penny Williams, the then Australia's Global Ambassador for Women and Girls, Anti-Slavery Association and Good Shepherd attracting media attention from ABC, SBS, Herald Sun, AAP, Radio National, The Australian, among others.

Impact: the campaign ended in legislation change as well as the issue of forced marriage placed high on the agenda of Federal and State Governments with media programs such as Lateline, Insight and 4 Corners covering the subject.

Centenary of Victorian Women's Right to Vote

MediaWise was engaged to undertake the PR Centenary campaign of Victorian Women's Right to Vote. We used the Centenary as a "hook" to promote women's rights and as a call to action for women to play a more vocal role in the community. Stakeholder relations were crucial to the success– to foster interest, engage with politicians, community groups, Government departments, local government, professional associations, and ensure an ongoing legacy to build better awareness of the role of the Office of Women’s Policy. We worked with a committee headed by former Premier Joan Kirner to develop the strategy. A survey was distributed to determine needs and to respond appropriately. We provided media and event training and templates. Regular briefings were provided to interested individuals and organisations. The Centenary involved the grant recipients in many ways, generating extensive media coverage. A before and after year survey showed a significant public increase in awareness of women’s votes and rights. 

Women and Money Month

MediaWise worked on the inaugural Women and Money Month. The brief was to create awareness of the importance of financial independence for women and that the issues facing women of all ages and are different to that of men’s.; to encourage women to attend the practical workshops and seminars being held across the state and to prepare media collateral for the Summit. Results included a two--page feature in the Herald Sun and two stories in The Weekly Times.  In all 30 newspapers. ABC regional and 774 ran interviews throughout the month.

Changing Cultures Changing Attitudes A National Survey on Community Attitudes To Violence against Women, VicHealth

MediaWise was engaged to work on media and a stakeholder launch attended by the Federal Minister for Women’s Affairs. We worked with VicHealth to develop a media and issues raising strategy to extend the reach of the survey and generate broader community awareness and debate into the issues. Radio, social media and op-ed pieces were identified as the main vehicles to highlight key research findings and to prompt discussion about how to tackle these issues. Debate was generated on Hack (Triple J), Drive shows on commercial radio, opinion pieces were placed online, and Twitter was used to promote the findings and media material. 

The Lookout

MediaWise was engaged to run a workshop to test the name of a new website being designed for the family violence sector. The website is the main resource hub for people working in the area as well as an information bank for the media and community.

Thankyou for your fantastic work helping us with refining the website’s name and positioning. We did enjoy the session with you ‘interrogating’ the brand, and not only was it fun intellectually, it also delivered clarity and confirmation of our direction.

Krista Mogensen, Domestic Violence Resource Centre