Strategic communications

​Our approach to business is to plan, act and deliver. Communications will only work well if enough time has been spent on planning, developing a strategy and tactics that talk to the different audiences that all organisations need to reach. 

Communications strategies

We take a team approach to developing communications strategies. Our view is that unless people work with us, they will not own what is developed. We develop strategies that are SMART, practical and work. We also support with training, advice and stunning materials.  We get results. We've developed strategies for the Victorian and Federal Governments, non government organisations, professional associations and independent operators.

Communications audits

Often MediaWise is asked to conduct a communications audit as the first step in developing a strategy. Organisations find this useful, especially when funds are tight. We use a well-honed process that includes analysing the reality of communications from strategy, talking to staff across the organisation, talking to stakeholders including the media. The result is turned into a document to help inform management of future priorities and resource planning. 

We have conducted successful audits for:

  • Trust for Nature
  • McAuley Community Services for Women
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre
  • The Nature Conservancy.

Crisis management 

Poor communication in a crisis can lead to confusion and ill-informed decision-making. The resulting negative PR and media coverage can have long-term consequences for the whole organisation. We develop comprehensive crisis management strategies that prepares you for the known and the unknown risks a company may face. Over the past two decades we have worked with many different organisations, helping them to manage their reputations.  

Case study

Looking after our country our way

North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) was preparing to become a not for profit organisation. As well as putting in place new legal, business and management structures, it had to tell its stakeholders what was happening, when and why. MediaWise was contracted to help the organisation. Early on we realised that their current communications structure was siloed and not delivering the results it needed. We also recognised the need for a brand refresh, new suite of collateral and a new website. Key messages were massaged into sound bites. Today, two years on and the organisation has become Australia's first Indigenous member of IUCN, its media track record is steadily growing and its relationship with stakeholders across Australia's north is at its strongest.