When it comes to launches, festivals and celebrations, one size doesn't fit all. MediaWise develops bespoke campaigns, and the results speak for themselves. We promote and manage events.


MediaWise is known for its creative approach to events. We plan, deliver and promote events for many different purposes. 

Current work is planning the 150th anniversary of the Old Colonists' Association of Victoria. We are working with elderly Victorians in need to shape events that are appropriate for the organisation, including a travelling history road show.

Past events have included:

Opening of McAuley House

We planned and executed the launch of McAuley House, a refuge for women experiencing homelessness run by McAuley Community Services for Victoria. The event had many prongs including a cocktail party  that was centred around a journey which took supporters from the horrors of homelessness through to hope that they encounter after being supported by McAuley. The event also included  hard-hat tours during the building stage.

Good Shepherd Festival Day

MediaWise was contracted to project manage Good Shepherd Festival Day, this a celebration of 150 years of the Good Shepherd Sisters' arrival in Australia. We worked with a team of staff, volunteers and other professional contractors to develop a day that offered something for everyone.  We oversaw the program development, including tours of the Convent by the Good Shepherd Sisters, two exhibitions, music, children's activities and an Expo of the Good Shepherd Network. We oversaw the commissioning of a plaque for the Sisters and its installation in the Good Shepherd Chapel. We developed and wrote marketing materials for the Festival Day including the program, web copy, media releases and other promotional material. We liaised with all relevant emergency services, the venue staff, cafes and others to ensure smooth and inclusive logistics on the day.

Celebrating women's right to vote: In 2008, Victorians celebrated 100 years since women won the right to vote. MediaWise was contracted to help publicise the milestone across Victoria. We used the centenary as a "hook" to promote women's rights and women's political voice, and as a call to action for women to play a more vocal role in their communities. Our work generated extensive, high-quality coverage across suburban and regional print, radio and television outlets.

Remembering the Eureka Stockade: Ballarat was the birthplace of democracy in Australia, so the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade was cause for celebration. MediaWise was engaged by the City of Ballarat to generate awareness of Eureka and Ballarat. All goals were met, with a 300% increase in visits to Ballarat .


We've been engaged to promote many different Awards over the past 20 years including Diversity at Work, the Victoria Prize and Fellowships and the Premier's Health and Medical Research Awards.  Each of these include: interviewing the winners, writing and editing copy for booklets, media releases, speech writing, media training and media liaison. 


Over the years MediaWise has been engaged to promote international, national and State conferences on a range of issues from the environment to science, health to bicycles and everything in between. Some of the highlights are:

Healthy Parks, Healthy People Congress

This international conference hosted by Parks Victoria was the first attempt to explore the many ways nature and parks contribute to our health and wellbeing. MediaWise was contracted to develop and implement a communications strategy that raised issues such as mental health, children and play, planning, and urban space. Media coverage was extensive, including Radio National, Radio Australia, Big Ideas (ABC radio and television), and SBS.

Other conferences have included:

CPA Australia - where we have worked with speakers from Paul Keating to the late Rene Rivkin, Edward de Bono to Alan Oster, to deliver important updates about the economy, business world and state of the nation, while simultaneously promoting the role of the CPA.