You have a new website. Now what?

You have a new website and you want to get going and start writing. Stop! Some initial planning will keep your web content to the point and what your readers want to read.

  • Think about your audiences and clarify the goals for your website. Which of your audiences use your website as a key source of information? What do you need them to do? Does your site simply want to inform? Do you want to persuade them to donate? Or recruit them as a volunteer? Plan, plan, and plan some more.
  • How you want your organisation to be thought about by a reader should come alive through your writing. If your organisation’s personality is maternal and compassionate, consider words and phrases that are warm and nurturing. If you are a serious, intellectual brand, use words that are professional to paint a picture of a well-informed organisation.
  • Select someone to oversee the web content. While several people in your organisation may write the content for your site, one or two people should be in charge of reviewing all content and editing it for a consistent voice throughout the content.
  • Plan more time than you think you need! Good writing takes time. Make sure that you give yourself the time you need to ensure your content is strong, to the point and sings.

Our second post will talk about writing credible content.