Where do I find content?

So many people tell us they don't know where to find stories about their organisation.

There are six types of stories that every organisation will have at their fingertips, and often there will be a raft of stories that you can develop from these.

How the organisation was founded:  everyone loves history and these stories are perfect for #ThrowbackThursday. Dig deep and you can write about how the organisation was set up, by whom, when, who were the founders, and why.

Focus: at its most basic, this means the mission and vision of the organisation. But what about the challenge the organisation is attempting to solve.

Impact: This is the most common story, what is the impact on clients, supporters and the organisation. This is perfect for before and after stories with lots of photographs to support the words.

People: who are the people who are helping to make a difference? Volunteers, donors, staff? What about the clients you are working with – how you can help them find their voice as advocates for the organisation?

Difference: how is your organisation different to others working in the same field? How are you adding value to the services that you provide? What is driving your mission?

Future: How is your organisation growing its future? What are its strategic goals? Each goal will have a story to tell. #futureFriday

Have a go! Get your colleagues together for a creative brainstorm and see how many stories you can identify to start the content machine rolling.