What has Midnight Oil got in common with MediaWise?

What has Midnight Oil got in common with MediaWise?
OK, so we are not a rock group and have not taken a two decade break from our last world tour, but let’s look for some common denominators.
They are a great advertisement that your best work is not always in your youth. They still have the “power and the passion”. We like to think we have too.
Peter Garrett, bald like John Myers, is looking, sounding and moving well. He is a living example of The New Middle Aged. He is not suffering from a “short memory”.
The Oils are aging well and healthily. They have, according to the interviews we have heard, found time to:

  • Do weight-based exercise like cycling, swimming, walking and (sometimes) vacuuming.
  • Lift weights and other strength-based exercises – we have weights but cans of baked beans will do.
  • Spend time away from computers and phones.
  • Make time to chat, be quiet, smell the roses.

We also make sure we have regular medical check-ups to avoid unwanted surprises. A good starting point for people who perhaps are not as fastidious about their health is to do the Healthy Ageing Quiz that was put together by the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI).
For the record, John Myers, the self-appointed aged rocker in MediaWise, reckons that the Oils are the best rock group (“King of the mountain”) in Australia today.
You can “read about it” on any of the great reviews from over 70 gigs this year across 16 countries and 5 continents.
I’m sure there will be more tours in the future and fewer “forgotton years”. There is one Melbourne concert to go at the Bowl on 15 November.