We love Twitter

We love Twitter. It is the fastest growing social media tool but, surprisingly, most people just don’t know how to make full use of it. 

Twitter is not a place to talk. It is a place to communicate with others and to listen to what others are saying.  To do Twitter well, you need a strategy.

Step one: Set your strategy

  1. What are you trying to achieve with Twitter?
  2. What's the “value” you bring to the conversation?
  3. Who do you want to connect with?
  4. How do you plan to deepen your contacts by moving people from Twitter and onto your email list or Facebook page?
  5. What tools will you use to measure success?

Step two: Optimise your profile

  1. Create a branded Twitter skin and use a high quality profile photo.
  2. Understand privacy and security settings
  3. Include key words in your profile and hashtags
  4. Learn basic “Twitter-speak,” and  know the difference between an @mention and a direct message.
  5. Understand retweeting and why following back is important.

Step three: Listen, search and follow

  1. Work out who the established thought leaders and experts in your field is and follow them.
  2. Learn from their conversations, who they talk to, what they talk about and the tone they use.
  3. Create a Twitter list, a sorting mechanism that allows you to follow the tweets from a selected group of people in one stream.

Step four: Start participating

  1. Now is the time to have a conversation selectively and only when you can add value.
  2. If you see something you like, retweet or add a comment to the original tweet.
  3. Follow people when they follow you – as long as they ‘fit’ your strategy.
  4. Be polite.

Step five: Build relationships and grow your following

  1. Use Twitter to tweet content from your website or facebook.
  2. Use Twitter to increase Facebook page likes.
  3. Never just push stories though; Twitter is about conversations and adding value.
  4. Review your strategy regularly and tweak accordingly.