Think, plan, storyboard action

Vision, whether it is for social media or the website, has never been more important. Here are a few tips to filming successfully.

It's not just a question of pointing a smartphone or videocam at whoever or whatever you want to film. Think about what film you want to make. What you want the story to be about. What shots you will need.

Our tips for a successful production include:

  1. Recce and plan. Think about what will work and what is safe for you to film. 
  2. Know the sequence of your film. What footage do you need to be able to build that sequence in the edit?
  3. Get coverage - shots and cutaways to cover your edits.
  4. Be selective, because there’s no point just rolling and clogging up the edit with stuff that is never going to get used.
  5. Get a range of shot sizes, angles and styles, as the more diverse your footage, the more interesting your sequence will be.
  6. Remember even a short sequence that covers a real and brief event - feeding grass to horses - requires several takes.