Stories are everywhere

Stories are essential to the way we perceive and understand our world. When we need something explained, for instance, we may say "What's the story?" Or if we want to learn more about someone, we may ask "What's your story?"

Let's begin but not with Once Upon A Time, but can you see the white triangle?


Most people can. But is it really there?

The reality is that what you see are six black shapes that infer two triangles, and our brains generate an image of a triangle from this sketchy data.

Known as the Kanizsa triangle, as described in 1955 by Italian psychologist Gaetano Kanizsa, you may ask what has this to do with story telling?

We use this image in our storytelling workshops. The white triangle is a story, a way for us all to make sense of the world - which is what stories really are.

We perceive the white triangle because that is how our perception works. Most of the time we only have partial information and so our minds fill in the blanks to construct a 'whole' reality.  In storytelling, we take use information we want and and arrange them into something that we can understand.

Once Upon A Time...