Research, write and edit

The past few months have seen Penny Underwood busy researching, writing and editing major reports for different clients.

Each report has one element in common: it is designed to influence, create an impact and deliver important messages about the client’s work.

Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health asked us to turn their multi-page, copy dense strategic plan into something readable, immediate and appropriate for a range of stakeholders from politicians through to researchers and the public.

We prepared a design brief focusing on strong graphics, pictures and other design elements to help guide the reader through the vision. We rewrote parts of the plan to make it user friendly and edited the copy to ensure an easy flow of thought and vision.

Dan Pejic, communications and digital media coordinator, said:

“Thanks for all your assistance with it. I think it came up really nicely!”

McAuley Community Services for Women turned to us to prepare the first draft for their important submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence. 

We worked to the issues paper provided by the Commissioners who called for gaps and solutions to the current system; they also wanted to learn about innovative programs; particular groups of women and children who were ‘left out’ or more affected by family violence.

Over a frenzied five days, we prepared overviews of each program run by the organisation, its achievements, where gaps still existed and why; and we provided first hand evidence to support the 12 recommendations.

We were part of a team of policy writers and researchers who crafted the submission into a pithy, comprehensive 48-page document which covered every aspect of the system and culture surrounding family violence. 

Our next involvement is working with Timothy Allan from Made Visual to transform the document with icons and instagraphics that can be used in future PR and communications.

Jocelyn Bignold, CEO, said:

Thank you very much for your hard work on this submission – it has been an intensive and collaborative process which has resulted in a detailed submission. It has also resulted in a collection of very valuable information that we’ll be able to use for other purposes, and has clarified our thinking in some areas.

Our final work has been with Anglicare Victoria editing its annual Children in Care Report Card. This critical document compares the gap between children and young people who are in care (foster care, kinship care or residential care) with children and young people in the community.

Anglicare Victoria provides support to 80,000 children, young people and families every year, working towards strengthening families and communities so they can protect and nurture the children within them.

The report card, when launched, will be an important element of Anglicare Victoria’s ongoing campaign to have foster care funding to be extended from 18 to 21 year olds.

Orygen Strategic Plan