Rallying cry for bike bridge

For the past two years, MediaWise has been part of the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition offering pro bono advice and media support.
The support has included media liaison, advice about ‘soft diplomacy tactics’, and how to corral bicycling groups to oppose the Salta twin tower development plans which included a switchback access to the bridge proposal for pedestrians and bike riders. Since 2016 the bridge condition has worsened, pedestrian and cyclist activity has increased and the need for a new and widened bridge to cater for the 2,000+ daily users is self evident.
The campaign reached a crescendo on Saturday 4 August with a rally at which all sides of politics attended. The local Labor member and Minister for Planning Richard Wynne MP promised $200K for a scoping study; the Liberals wer represented by David Davis, MLC and local member for Kew Tim Smith, both of whom supported the need for a new bridge; and Greens candidate Kathleen Maltzahn committed to spending the necessary money, possibly $7.5m to rebuild the bridge.
We continue to be on standby offering Probono advice and support until there is real movement on the bridge, and not just words.
The Andrews Government commitment can be read here: