Project managing collateral

There is more to branding than a logo. It also refers to  a name, slogan, design, words or a combination that identifies what a company does.

Branding is about getting your target market to select you, and for your potential market to understand that you can provide the best solution to answer their problem or need.

Over the years, MediaWise has project managed the building of brands alongside graphic designers and clients. We work collaboratively  to identify what the organisation stands for, who its competitors are, and how best to position it in the market place.

Behind every branding exercise, we aim to ensure that what is produced:

  • Connects with the market
  • Creates loyalty
  • Delivers the message
  • Motivates someone to buy, sign up, or ring our client.

It is a process that is not to be rushed. Getting the strategy right is to get the brand right. The rest then follows.

Here are some examples of how we have taken the brand from start to finish, working alongside graphic designer Made Visual. We brief, provide the words and the direction, and Made Visual works creatively and strategically to deliver what is required.