Our pet hates

Do you have pet word or slogan hates? We do, especially moving forward.

Moving forward:  it is an empty phrase. It means nothing. Is it about advancing a conversation? Or moving to the next point in a letter? Why not dump the statement and go straight to the point.

Rock star: We love Mick Jagger, Bono and Eric Clapton. They truly are rock stars. We hate it when we see advertisements such as 'looking for a rock star chef' or a 'rock star writer.' If you are looking for someone who has relevant experience, great skills and a people person, say so.

Give 110 percent: You cannot, and nor is it possible. The only way it is possible to give 110% is if there is a team of people involved. How about 'do your best?'

Pre-plan: there is no such thing. Planning is something we do before we go into a meeting, or book a holiday. It is a redundant phrase. If what you are trying to say is plan effectively, say so.

Synergise: We apologise in advance to Stephen Covey who used the word in his The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. There is no such word. Use to cooperate instead.

More unique: Nothing can be more unique, most unique...it is either unique or it is not.

Think outside the box: this is jargon at its basest form. It is imprecise. What is usually meant is coming up with original solutions or ideas.

What are your pet word hates?