Oh the people we meet

One of the joys of media relations is the people you meet. Last year adventurer Jeremy Scott took part in the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride.
Jeremy was born with a huge hole in his heart which required open heart surgery at the age of four but it has not stopped him from living an incredibly adventurous life.
After living in the UK for ten years Jeremy decided to ride home to New Zealand, a trip that took 31 months, covered 29 countries and 51,916 kilometres. He battled extreme conditions, fear, loneliness, the Iranian military and Filipino mafia.
MediaWise director John Myers caught up recently with Jeremy for a coffee in Williamstown and bought his coffee table book: The Long Road From A Broken Heart.
He now works as a motivational speaker. In 2015 the Australian Heart Foundation awarded him their “Heart Hero Award”.
Last year Jeremy told John: “Once a student conquers the challenges of the Great Vic Bike Ride they can dream of what can come next”.
For Jeremy, riding a bike is the best and most rewarding way to travel.

“Apart from walking, there is no other way to have such a sense of freedom. You hear, smell, see and experience everything. You never forget the extremes of weather from blistering hot 50 degrees in the deserts in Western China to freezing cold below 20 in the Turkish mountains”.
“If you are healthy and you are happy why not just chase your dreams”.
John looks forward to catching up with Jeremy next year and hearing about his next adventure.