Nappies and partnerships

Anyone who has had a baby or who has friends or family with children will know the importance of nappies.

Indeed, many soon-to-be parents spend hours ahead of the birth discussing whether they will use cloth or disposable nappies on their baby’s delicate bottom.

But what have nappies got to do with MediaWise? We are well past the age of having babies, as indeed most of our friends.

In the Sunday Age (May 4) there was a fabulous article about The Nappy Collective, a not for profit that collects unused disposable nappies and donates them to women’s shelters around the country. To date, the organisation has redistributed more than 28,000 nappies.

 One of the receiving agencies is McAuley Community Services for Women that runs Victoria’s only 24/7 crisis shelter. McAuley is a client of MediaWise. We know how much this highly effective agency values the nappy service and also partnerships it has with other not for profit agencies.

McAuley provides more than a roof over women’s heads at crisis times in their lives – it also assists women, mostly homeless or who have experienced domestic violence or mental illness, find employment or receive education. It receives limited government funding and relies on donations as well as partnerships to deliver these vital and often overlooked services.

Jocelyn Bignold, the chief executive of McAuley Community Services for Women, says the nappies are an essential service. She knows: a third of the children passing through the refuges are babies or toddlers and the redistributed nappies “immediately remove” women’s worries about providing for their children.

As she says, the last thing on a woman’s mind escaping an abusive partner is grabbing a box of nappies.

The importance of partnerships

The Nappy Collective and McAuley story highlight the importance of partnerships for not for profit agencies. There are countless other stories out there about partnerships and the involvement of communities in charity and volunteer work across Australia.

Partnerships between people and organisations are the backbone of what makes this country tick. They highlight the importance of social connections – or what economists call social capital. No Commission of Audit could ever put a figure on the price of partnerships – because they are priceless.

MediaWise works in partnership with our clients – our approach is different to other PR agencies that simply work to KPIs rather than attempting to change attitudes or behaviour.

We take our hats off to The Nappy Collective and its founder Sandra Jacobs and to McAuley Community Services for Women! 

Thanks to The Age for the picture.