Keep It Simple Stupid

We advise our clients to kiss. A lot. We also refer our clients to Albert Einstein, who never minced his words.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Over many years, one of our pet hates has become the use of complicated, polysyllabic words instead of simple, monosyllabic words.

High among these are the words use and utilise. As the Oxford English Dictionary makes clear, there is a distinction between the words. “Use” means, “take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result.” “Utilize” means to “make practical and effective use of.”

So here is our list which, we hope, will help you to KISS a lot.

Advantageous — helpful

Ameliorate — improve

Cognisant — aware

Commence — begin, start

Commensurate — equal

Consolidate — combine

Deleterious — harmful

Disseminate — issue, send

Endeavor — try

Erroneous — wrong

Expeditious — fast

Facilitate — ease, help

Inception — start

Implement — carry out

Leverage — use

Optimise — perfect

Prescribed — required

Proficiencies — skills

Promulgate — issue or publish

Proximity — near

Regarding — about

Remuneration — reward, payment

Subsequently — after or later.