How many apps should we be on?

How many apps should an organisation be on? We are asked this many times and even with Hootsuite (a scheduling platform for social media), our view is to be on one or two platforms and manage them well.

Let’s take the example of a restaurant in a middle-class suburb of Melbourne. Its target market is local couples aged 40 and above who frequent the nearby cinema. Facebook and Instagram are the obvious places because these are the platforms its target market uses most. However, the target market is  also likely to be on LinkedIn, PinInterest, Twitter. The restaurant only has time to manage two platforms, so what does it do?

Our advice would be to post and manage Facebook and Instagram well, which means at least a daily post which tells a story about what is happening in the restaurant – new menu, specials, parties, anything which draws people in.

However, the restaurant still needs to have a presence on other social media platforms which means it should open accounts and post occasionally to them. Every post ought to be appropriate to the platform. For example, LinkedIn posts should be about vacant positions or other corporate information, and Twitter should be about the latest menu. These posts should direct followers to the restaurant's website, Instagram or Facebook – in other words where the restaurant is spending much of its social media energy.  

The restaurant may choose not to open accounts, and that is fine. Our overall view is to be on social media, choose the platforms which work to reach  target markets, and post well and often.