Facebook changes will 'instantly' affect the PR pitch

In early May Facebook launched its Instant Articles feature which has the potential to change how people absorb news and content and how PR pros pitch to the media.

The feature is hosting stories from nine major news outlets, including the New York Times, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, NBC News, BBC News and Der Spiegel.

While the feature reflects the changing face of media and the need for media outlets to find new ways to reach audiences, it will make a difference to how publicists pitch to the media.

These are some of our thoughts:

  • Include video in your story pitch. Instant Articles use videos as their lead feature so this will be an essential element in your artillery.
  • Mobile friendly. More and more people are accessing Facebook by mobile (and much of Facebook’s income also comes via mobile) you must make sure your pitches are mobile friendly: short sentences; catchy headlines, subheads and pictures.
  • Consider the audience.  It will be millennial all the way with Instant Articles! So Keep It Simple Sensible!