Curating content for success

Creating original content is a huge part of public relations and marketing. Here are some reasons why you should get going if you are not already.

Become known as a thought leader

Your PR and communications strategy will already set out your content requirements but by adding curated copy into the mix, you are showing the people who follow you that you and your brand know what is happening NOW in your industry.

Grow your followers

It is one thing to tweet and like, although you could be accused of slacktivism, but it is far better to build an audience by sharing content. MediaWise spends a short time each day saving useful posts to read later before massaging them into tweets with links, blogs with links and Facebook posts in order to share what we think is most helpful for our clients’ audiences.

You can repurpose your own content.

What about re-using your own top blogs posts or tweets into a new article, or use information from fact sheets, submissions and other resources? We do this all the time.

Learn while you earn

We’ve learned so much from reading through interesting, pithy articles. It’s helped us with facilitating meetings, writing stories, connecting with new and existing clients as well as started many a conversation. Curating content is a terrific way of learning while you earn!