Communications audits - ten point plan

MediaWise is frequently asked to conduct a communications audit to determine whether organisations’ communications are effective.

It is a good first in developing a strategy, and essential to helping an organisation identify its strengths and weaknesses of current internal and external communications.

We use a well-honed research process that includes analysing the reality of what happens once a communications strategy is implemented. We talk to staff, Board members, stakeholders including the media. The result is turned into a document to help inform management of future priorities and resource planning. 

Our ten-step process begins with:

  1. Determining which areas are to be audited
  2. Choosing research methods
  3. Reviewing past communications
  4. Talking to stakeholders about their impressions of the communications, including graphic designs, messages and website
  5. Talking to the community about what they know about your organisation and their perceptions
  6. Talking to staff and volunteers about their opinions, what was effective, what future communications could be used
  7. Analysing media coverage, including social media
  8. Conducting a SWOT analysis
  9. Analysing the results
  10. Putting together a strategy and plan for the next phase.

MediaWise was recently commissioned to undertake a PR and communications audit for Old Colonists' Association of Victoria. The organisation runs a continuum of aged care services across Victoria. The audit reviewed all aspects of engagement with government, philanthropy, residents and their families, local communities and the media.

We have been engaged to prepare a communications strategy aimed at increasing its profile in order to raise funds and understanding about the organisation’s approach to independent living for older people as well as best practice within aged care.

We were also commissioned to undertake an audit for Reconciliation Victoria. The audit looked at all aspects of the organisation's work - website and social media, stakeholder engagement, publications, traditional media, and key messaging.