Abseiling to change attitudes and raise funds

What goes up has to come down and MediaWise was on standby to make sure that gravity was indeed happening for the annual Altitude Shift fundraiser for foster children.

John Myers has been doing the publicity for Altitude Shift, an initiative of Anglicare Victoria which runs the largest foster care program in Victoria. It is just one of the many events that MediaWise does PR for.

The fundraiser offers people the opportunity to abseil offer a 27-storey building in the centre of Melbourne to raise funds and in 2015, one hundred brave souls took the drop for the cause.

Anglicare Victoria CEO Paul McDonald did the drop last year. "It's one of the things on many people's bucket list, so we're offering that opportunity plus at the same time doing something for children in foster care," he said.

He said the fear the abseilers faced when stepping over the edge was analogous to the fear foster children experience starting life with a new family.

"It gives our donors who have abseiled just a little bit of an insight into the courage that's involved in going into the unknown," he said.

Groups, individuals, couples all took to the dizzy heights for the abseiling experience – each with their own story to tell about why they were taking up the challenge.

The oldest person was 64-year-old Kay Hatherly, who said she usually got scared while climbing a ladder.

The publicity campaign rolled out in the months ahead of the abseiling weekend to include long lead media, online listings as well as making connections with companies in and around the abseil site.

As the campaign reached its climax, John Myers combined his passion for cycling with the need to transport abseiling gear around Melbourne for photo shots with the brave souls.

The results speak for themselves: Front page of MX and many other weekly papers across Melbourne, journalists from the Herald Sun, ABC and weekly papers having a go while Channel 7’s camera man remained on the ground taking great shots for the nightly news.

Some of the online results




Abseiling for foster children